Richard Berge holds a BA in Politics and Georgian language from the School of Oriental and African Studies at University of London, and a MA in Politics, Security and Integration from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College of London, where he completed his dissertation on the political situation of the Hamshen Armenian community in Abkhazia. He has worked for the Norwegian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2009 and the European Centre for Minority Issues in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2010, focusing on human rights, freedom of information and minority rights in both countries. He currently works as an independent Caucasus expert. He is originally from Norway.


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  2. Alexandr Dronov says:

    Dear Richard
    The main idea of your opponent is – “The mistakes of Georgia’s president should not be used as a pretext to neglect a pro-Western country.”
    The MISTAKES ! He understand situation in NEW state.
    You can compare situation with opposition in Azerbaijan, Armenia and especcially in Central Asia states
    with situation in Georgia.
    I agree that the support do not be unconditional , but ,obviously, new state needs SUPPORT.
    And it was the main idea of ” Why Georgia deserves more appreciation from Europe”.
    Best regards,
    Alexandr Dronov

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