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Right-Wing Terror Strikes Norway.

I had intended this blog to be mostly about political issues in the Caucasus and Central Asia, which are my main areas of interest and concern, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. First I have to say that I … Continue reading

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The Gali Obsession.

The New York based human rights organisation Human Rights Watch recently published a report on the situation in Gali, a district in breakaway Abkhazia which has a mostly Georgian population. The population of the Gali region was largely displaced as … Continue reading

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4th of July 1776 seen from today’s perspective on Secession and International Law.

Yesterday was 4th of July, the Independence Day of the United States of America. On this day, in the year 1776, the European colonists in North America, led by a George Washington, issued their declaration of independence from Great Britain. … Continue reading

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